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College Decision Day Was May 1st. Congratulations!

Hi Friend, National College Decision Day was May 1st, congratulations to all those students who’ve made their choice! Although, May 1st has long been College Decision Day for countless colleges, deadlines in June or even later aren’t unusual. Students who do need additional time should reach out to the admissions office at their institutions of interest to confirm they…

Awards, Appeals, Waitlists & Final College Selection

Hi Friend, It’s April! Congratulations to all our seniors! College acceptances and financial aid offers have finally arrived. YOU get to choose your best academic, social, and financial fit college. Parents and students sometimes ask: Can I appeal my financial award? Yes, there is a process in place where you can appeal, and a financial aid…

Emerging From the Pandemic Recession

As Americans move forward under a new presidential administration, it’s a good time to look at what has changed, what is changing and how your student can grow from those changes.

The FAFSA Is Changing For 2023-24

New changes are coming to the FAFSA in July 2023. Although the new FAFSA won’t be available until October 2022, it’s time to take a look at how those changes may affect you.

Start Your College Planning Now For 2022!

With the two-year lookback for FAFSA and CSS Profile, now’s the time to get your college funding plan in order!

Computer keyboard with Goodbye 2020 key

Now Is The Time For End-Of-Year College Planning!

With the two-year lookback for FAFSA and CSS Profile, now’s the time to get your college funding plan in order!

Be In The Know! 529 Plans and COVID-19

Have questions about how COVID-19 has affected 529 plans? In November’s newsletter, we offer some answers about what housing expenses are still covered.

It’s Time to Start Thinking About the FAFSA and CSS Profile!

In October’s newsletter, we address how critical it is to complete the FAFSA CSS Profile application to ensure that your financial aid needs are met.

Finance Your Child’s College!

In September’s newsletter, we address the questions and concerns many parents have when sending their child off to college, especially during these unprecedented times.

What Does The Future Of College Look Like?

In August’s newsletter, we address how COVID-19 COVID-19 has changed the college experience. Is your family willing to pay the same high price for an online college education as for an in-person college education?