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How to Write a Financial Aid Appeal Letter

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The springtime days of April are with us! High school seniors have received their much-anticipated college acceptance letters and financial aid offers. Seniors can now start making decisions about which school they’d like to attend. For parents, this is the time to start reviewing those college funding plans and establish they’re on the right path.  

Every family has a different situation, and with every acceptance letter comes a choice. Parents should be mindful so as not to over-borrow for college, which can unnecessarily put their financial futures at risk. Learning how to choose a college that’s the best financial fit for your family is essential.  

Your senior has received their financial aid offer from their favorite college, but what if the offer isn’t quite what you expected? Maybe the financial aid package doesn’t reflect your current financial situation, a recent scholastic achievement by your student, or there was a miscalculation when filing the FAFSA. The good news is, you can write an effective financial aid appeal letter, which could potentially up the award amount by thousands.  

Whether you have a senior reviewing offers, or younger students starting their college tours, we can help with the next steps needed towards creating a college funding plan. Sign up for a complimentary consultation today!  

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What’s Your Best College Fit, Financially Speaking?

As you imagine your dream colleges, it’s fine to punt college cost down the road. But when it’s time to choose where to apply, you should consider potential affordability.

Just as you want to apply to the colleges that are right for you, you should also want to know if you have a chance of affording them. So, include potential “financial fit” in your list of requirements.

How to Write an Effective Financial Aid Appeal Letter

Your high school senior has finally received their financial aid award letter from their favorite college, but what happens if the package isn’t quite what you expected?

Has something recently changed with your financial situation? Could there have been a miscalculation when filing the FAFSA? Maybe your student has a recent scholastic achievement to add? Fortunately, you have an option! You can write a financial aid appeal letter, which could potentially increase the award amount offered by thousands of dollars. 

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