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Social Media & Its Effects on Parents During the College Process

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Summer is all about relaxing in the sun and enjoying the next few months with your family and friends. While students and their families are getting a much-needed break from their busy schedules, now is a good time to create and review your college funding plan.

If you have a high school student embarking on the college application process, you will want to know the cost of attending each school of interest. Getting reliable cost of attendance estimates from colleges before applying, being accepted, and receiving a financial aid letter, can be challenging. Luckily, there are tools to help estimate your individual college costs and generate college lists based on financial aid.

In our last newsletter, we shared a guest blog discussing the impact social media can have on teenagers during the college process. Now, we are sharing the second blog in this two-part series where we look at how parents may be influenced by social media during this same time. “Social Media & Parents in the College Process,” is written by Emilia Copeland Titus for Strategies for College, a college planning affiliate I work with.  

Interest accrual on federal student loans will resume on Sept. 1, 2023 and payments will be due starting in October. Stay up to date with the ways to prepare for entering repayment and by checking out studentaid.gov for current information.

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Top College Price Tools for Students and Parents to Estimate Costs

Every year, a new crop of parents joins the college search rat race with their student and is shocked that finding out how much college costs is so complicated — nothing like their own college days.

Locating averages is simple enough: According to the College Board, the average listed price of an in-state public university last year was $22,180, while private colleges averaged $50,770.

The thing is, most students don’t pay the published price, particularly at private colleges. And figuring out your family’s likely price — determined in part by what a college determines you can afford — is no simple feat, especially when factoring in student loans.

Social Media & Parents in the College Process

In our previous newsletter, we discussed the impact social media may have on teenagers during the college process. Here is the second in the two-part series, in which we look at how parents may be influenced by social media during the same period of time.

Nowadays, it’s common practice for people to join Facebook groups or similar online spaces that represent the parents of students at a certain college. These communities are sometimes run by a person employed by the school, but more often than not they are moderated by a fellow parent or group of parents.

Such platforms can be a great resource for both you and your student as they prepare for and then adjust to their new life at college. 

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