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Happy New Year! If you have a High School senior, and you have not yet submitted the FAFSA and CSS Profile to all their preferred colleges, do it now! Some private college financial aid deadlines have passed and every public and private college deadline is before March 1, 2018.

Many people are wondering how the new tax laws will impact them and their college funding planning. In our featured article “Tax Cut and Job Act Impact on Education,” EFC Plus has done a good job listing every item of the tax changes and how they will impact higher education.

Do you worry about your students taking on student loans and how they’ll ever pay them back? It’s a smart thing to worry about! Forbes spoke with a graduate who paid off $61K in student loans in 1.5 years! Check out the article in our “In College News” section. No, it isn’t easy, but it is possible with a strict plan in place.

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How Will the New Tax Law Affect Higher Education Funding?

Recently, both houses passed the new tax bill, which is the first major change to the tax code in 30 years. The new Tax Cut and Job Act will have a significant impact on education funding. The main objective of the bill is to lower taxes and simplify the process.

Over the past few months, numerous proposals were changed or added to the bill. All of these changes will affect multiple areas of educational funding. Listed below are the final approved areas that we have identified. Some of the items may have a direct or indirect impact on college funding and student loan repayment.

[Continue reading EFC Plus article here…]

Great Tips for College Students in Debt! Read how this graduate paid off $61K in student loans in 1.5 years. Wow!

Muneeb Ahmad, a 24-year-old University of Michigan graduate with a computer science engineering degree, repaid $61,400 of student loans in full in only 1.5 years.

Here’s how he did it….

[Continue Reading the Forbes article here]


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