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How to Choose an Affordable College

April marks the arrival of college acceptance letters. For students, this is a time of excitement as they begin moving toward their future. For parents, it is an opportune time to review college budgets and ensure your funding plan is affordable and on track. We’re happy to help!

Costly Mistakes Parents Need to Avoid

We understand that each family has a different situation, yet with every acceptance letter, there is a choice. Studies show that parents are over-borrowing for college, which means that many are putting their financial futures at risk. One of the articles I’m sharing below gives tips on how to make a sensible and affordable college decision and not jeopardize your retirement.

Did you know that in the last 25 years borrowing has tripled? Parents are finding themselves deeper in debt and defaulting on their repayment plans. For a more in-depth look at borrowing trends and how this is affecting parent borrowers, check out the article below. 

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Tips for Parents

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The Biggest Mistake Parents Make When Paying for College

Published on Money.com

Over-borrowing for college is a dangerous move for parents. One of the ways to avoid this pitfall is to be honest about what you can afford and share that with your children long before they begin their path toward searching for colleges. For more tips, here are 3 ways to prevent borrowing too much for college.

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Tackling the Runaway Costs of College

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In College News

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Worrisome Trends for the Parent PLUS Loan

By Adam Looney and Vivien Lee ● Published on Brookings

With rising tuition rates and borrowing continuing to rise, more and more parents are finding themselves saddled with the burden of student loan debt. This article shares more on borrowing trends and their implications.

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How to Survive Paying for College

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