Guest Podcast: How Smart Parents Find the Right School for the Right Price

Guest blogger, Lisa Marker-Robbins, is the founder of Flourish Coaching.

“Be smarter about slaying the college planning dragon!” is financial planner, Beth Walker’s advice to smart parents who want to preserve their wealth, limit college debt, or both. She joins the podcast to speak about the critical components required to begin college planning to help your student get what they need academically, socially, and emotionally. She says, “even smart families with the means to pay for college can always do better.”

Beth’s approach is with the mind of a financial planner but the heart of a parent. Her unconventional message is a game-changer for smart parents who don’t want to overpay for college and explains how to solve the college cash flow challenge. You’ll hear why it has to be a team effort and why the process is much like painting a room. She says that while it’s not necessarily fun, the outcome is worth it.

Beth Walker is the author of Never Pay Retail for College – How Smart Parents Pay for College at the Right Price. She’s been crafting the best financial tips for college students for more than a decade and created the Center for College Solutions – to take the mystery out of the process and ensure that parents never pay retail for college. 


  • What leads to smart, successful parents overpaying for college when they wouldn’t overpay for a home
  • Why successful and affluent parents should strategize paying for college
  • How Beth, as a financial planner, learned that the two most important aspects of college planning have nothing to do with finances
  • How treating college planning like a kitchen remodel or painting a room leads to a better outcome for your student

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