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Fall is here! For parents of high school seniors and college students, that means it is time to get your finances in order and file for financial aid. At Westface College Planning we can help! Did you know we offer services to submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile on your behalf? With years of experience, we know the best strategies for filing and are happy to help develop a realistic funding plan for your child’s education.

Are you wondering what the differences are between the FAFSA and CSS Profile? Understanding when and how to complete these financial aid applications is confusing. To help, here are some insights on which colleges require the FAFSA and CSS Profile and how each application treats assets, income and demographic variables.

Are you worried about student loan debt and find yourself asking, “Is college worth it?” The answer is: “Yes, it is!” Studies show that the average college graduate earns almost twice as much as someone with only a high school diploma. To ensure your student gets the best return on their investment, share these tips with them about researching possible majors, careers and projected pay. 

Is your high schooler putting together their college list and wondering what to look for and how to choose the best one for them? These five guidelines will help them confidentially choose the right one.

Do you want to know more about applying for financial aid and tactics for making the most of the FAFSA and CSS Profile? Give me a call at 360-818-7728, or sign up for a complimentary college funding consultation or educational webinar today!

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Tips for Parents

How To Determine “Is College Worth It?”

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Your student has successfully navigated high school, toured campuses, and applied to and been accepted into college. All summer, they’ve dreamt of the momentous day when their new life away from home begins, as well as all the freedom and responsibility that comes along with it.

As a parent, you know they’ll learn much more than academics; ensure they have the means to make sound financial choices and share these four financial tips for new college students.

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5 Helpful Tips On How To Choose A College

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Is your teen putting together their college list? Are they wondering how to narrow down the selection and pick the best one? Figuring out how to choose a college and the multiple factors to consider can be daunting.

On top of that, knowing their decision impacts the next four years of their life and beyond adds a bit of pressure to the process. Here are five of our tips to get your student headed in a worry-free direction.

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Tips By Trix

Helpful Tips By Trix

Tip #1:  Don’t wait to file for the FASFA or CSS Profile, or you might lose out on nonfederal student aid funds and awards.

Tip #2:  Not all colleges have merit aid programs, and some require students to apply before a particular deadline. Have your student research deadlines!

Tip #3:  Some high schools allow students to earn college credit by taking college-level courses. This is an excellent way to save on the costs of a higher education.

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Fun College Facts

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  • In 2009, 297 students earned a perfect score on the ACT
  • During the first year of college, freshmen gain an average of 15 pounds
  • The University of Virginia was founded and designed by Thomas Jefferson 

In College News

What Are The Differences Between The FAFSA and CSS Profile? What’s The Return On A College Education?

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Students submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for college financial aid from the federal government, state government and most colleges and universities. For many colleges and universities, the FAFSA is the only form students need to file. However, some colleges require a supplemental form called the CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA.

The FAFSA is used to apply for financial aid from more than 6,400 colleges and universities, in addition to the federal and state governments. About 200 mostly private colleges use the CSS Profile for awarding their own financial aid funds. The colleges that require the CSS Profile must still use the FAFSA for awarding government financial aid.

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