Student Loan Repayment Pause Extended to May 1, 2022

By Westface College Planning | January 8, 2022
A coupe of college students working on financial aid appeal letters giving a thumbs up.

Hi Friend,It’s January! Happy New Year from all of us at Westface College Planning! Do you have any resolutions to tackle? Let’s make 2022 a financially fit year!A great Christmas gift was given to federal…

You’ve Applied for Financial Aid. Here’s Your Next Steps

By Westface College Planning | January 1, 2022
Euphoric and surprised winner winning online

Submitting the FAFSA is a big step in the financial aid process. Yet, more often than not, there are additional forms and applications to be completed in order to help your family receive the…

Studying in the UK Can Save You Time and Money

By Westface College Planning | December 8, 2021

Hi Friend,  It’s December! There are many year-end college prep to-dos for families and students to wrap up. If you have questions or need help with your college funding plan, give us a call! Has…

Guide to the College Transfer Process

By Westface College Planning | December 1, 2021

Guest blogger, Fred Amrein, is the founder of PayingForED Luckily, at most state and private colleges and universities, the equity in your primary With the coronavirus impacting the college experience, many families may be rethinking their…

Good College Planning is Good Retirement Planning

By Westface College Planning | November 8, 2021

Hi Friend, November is here! The holiday season is just around the corner. The past 20 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been tough for many. The COVID 19 Emergency Relief Package has offered relief for…

Failing: Advisors’ Approach to College Planning

By Westface College Planning | November 1, 2021

Guest blogger, Beth V. Walker is a wealth advisor with Carson Wealth Management, the founder of Center for College Solutions, and the author of ” Never Pay Retail for College .” This article was…

Are You Ready to File Your FAFSA & CSS Profile?

By Westface College Planning | October 8, 2021
Sad looking graduate student reviewing debt.

Hi Friend, Fall is here! For parents of high school seniors and college students, that means it is time to get your finances in order and file for financial aid. At Westface College Planning…

Looking For Ways to Cut Down on the Cost of College? Consider a WUE School.

By Westface College Planning | October 1, 2021

What Exactly is the WUE? The Western Undergraduate Exchange, is a regional tuition exchange agreement whereby a resident of one of the 16 member states can go to college at a participating public institution…