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What Does The Future Of College Look Like?

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We are in our final month of summer, which understandably puts added pressure on students and their families. My team and I hope to provide you with clarity on any questions or concerns you might have, so please, don’t hesitate to reach out.

COVID-19 has ended the college experience as we know it. Is your family willing to pay the same high price for an online college education versus an in person college education? Forbes discusses how the “… coronavirus will be remembered for transforming college forever.”

Have your circumstances changed since you applied for financial aid? Should you appeal your financial aid award? If you’ve experienced any major changes, like the loss of a job, it might be worth appealing for a larger financial aid package. You can learn more about your options by reading our latest blog post and scheduling a consultation with me. I’ve updated our “How to Survive Paying for College-On-Demand Webinar.” If you don’t yet have a clear plan for your student’s college planning journey, this webinar is for you!

I’ve also updated our “How to Survive Paying for College” our on-demand webinar. If you don’t yet have a clear plan for your student’s college planning journey, this webinar can help you get started!

If you have questions about the upcoming school year and how to ensure the best possible experience for you and your student, give me a call at 360-818-7728, or sign up for a complimentary college funding consultation or educational webinar today!

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Why College Is Not Coming Back

As a result of COVID-19, certain flaws in the college experience are more apparent than ever.

College costs have skyrocketed beyond reason, causing students to bury themselves in debt, and the virus has forced practically every college to switch to all-online courses. Instead of living on campus and walking to lectures, students will be sitting in their bedrooms watching professors on Zoom calls for the same price.

This is much more disruptive than people realize, as college is about much more than just learning. There’s the education, and then there’s the experience. The learning aspect has barely changed in the last century; students still sit in 60-year-old lecture halls listening to their professors, but now the experience has been stripped away.

Do you believe that teenagers will be willing to mortgage their futures in order to watch college lecture videos on the internet? Moreover, what will the new college experience entail without in-person activities and campus life? The upcoming school year is sure to be unlike any other before.

To learn more, visit Forbes.

Tips By Trix

Helpful Tips By Trix

Tip #1: Encourage your student to purchase used school textbooks, and sell any old ones they may have lying around. Websites like AbeBooks and Chegg sell used books for a fraction of the price, and may even be willing to buy the books back when your student is done with them.

Tip #2: Beware of the “it’s only five bucks” syndrome. Spending five dollars every day will add up much quicker than your student may think.

Tip #3: If your student needs extra help managing their spendings, encourage them to download an app for budgeting. Digit, Hi Charlie! and Mint are all popular choices that can send text notifications to keep them on top of things. Knowing how to create a budget is a life skill, and there are many apps out there to help!

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Fun Facts

A group of men and women holding up letters that say facts.
  • Did you know that once upon a time college was a boys’ club? Now nearly 60% of all college students are women.
  • The classic graduation cap originates from the Celtic era. It’s believed Druid priests would don the caps as “hoods” in order to symbolize their holy intelligence.
  • There are 60 all-female colleges in the country, but only 4 all-male.

Tips For Parents

Should YOU Appeal YOUR Financial Aid Reward?

Have you undergone major changes in your life since applying for financial aid? Maybe your reward simply wasn’t as high as you or your student had hoped for. Do you have a sudden, unexpected medical expense to pay for? There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to appeal your financial aid award. For a full list of questions to get you started, visit our latest blog article at

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