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Clearing the Confusion: What to Expect from Award Letters

Seniors: As we dive into the spring months of March and April, it’s time to look out for award letters and college admission offers. The majority of colleges will send out awards letters in March and require your acceptance before May 1st. Breaking Down Award Letters While you can easily find sample letters online to…

The 5th Annual Dare 2B Digital Conference for Young Women in Silicon Valley

In only a few short weeks the 2014 Dare 2B Digital Conference will commence. Its purpose is to give young women from 7th – 10th grade a taste of the widespread permeation of computer technology in our world today.  They’ll go over the basics of obtaining a future degree in computer science or electrical engineering….

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Exploiting Student’s College List on the FAFSA

As you’re helping your child complete the FAFSA, do you realize their 10 schools of choice can be used against them? It seems innocent enough. Your student may favor New York University over UCLA and, naturally, would categorize them by personal importance.  It’s becoming increasingly apparent, however, that this list contains an underlying M.O. in…

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Not All College Tuitions are Created Equal

When it comes to state-by-state college tuition fees, the ranges between the highest and lowest colleges are staggering. In fact, the difference boils down to thousands upon thousands of dollars.  You may wonder if a high price ticket equals an overall better institution. That should ring true for most investments.  The more money you shell…

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January Newsletter 2014: Early-Bird Scholarships, Digital Learning & More

It’s January!  It’s time to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible.  Not only is it a load off your mind, but you’re also guaranteed aid that may otherwise be turned down to students who wait months down the road to apply.  The earlier, the better! If you have any FAFSA questions, sign up for…

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November Newsletter 2013: Common App Issues, College Curriculum Debates, Scholarship Resources & More

It’s November and the holiday season is quickly approaching. Many seniors have already applied for early admission to some private colleges and all seniors foresee regular admission deadlines looming upon the horizon.  Ongoing issues with Common Application were an unwelcome distraction in the midst of an already stressful time.  In response to these problems, a growing…