High School


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5 Ways to Skillfully Balance Work & School

Students, whether in high school or college, find it challenging to successfully navigate the burdens of school and work without wanting to tear their hair out.  It may seem too stressful, but it is possible!  It’s all about balance.  We’ve come up with 5 tips to help you create a manageable flow between your school…

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Attention High School Students: The Peninsula Writing Contest Wants Your Submissions!

Is your child a future Hemmingway, or just simply enjoys writing? Then get ready for the Peninsula Young Writers 4th Annual Writing Contest. If your potential author is enrolled in 9th – 12th grade and often plumbs the depths of their creativity by penning heroic adventure tales, well-composed song lyrics or even autobiographical narratives, we…

College Planning for High School Juniors

School is back in session and that means for many high school juniors, the thought of college isn’t far behind. So what can you do to get ready for the collegiate grind? Here are a few tips to get you on the right track and plan for college as a high school junior. Game Plan…