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July 2014 Newsletter: Why 50% of Grads Rely on Parents, Making the Most Out of Summer Break & More

    It’s July! We hope all of you enjoy July 4th and wish you a safe–and fun!– holiday. Worried your student may not be utilizing their free time during these relaxing summer days?  This month’s Senior Scoop shares various means of productivity that will keep their mind stimulated and even nudge forward their college…

Dollar Breaking Up & Floating Away

PAYE Program: Initiative to Extend Eligibility

It’s no secret that one of the biggest downfalls for students manifests itself via loan debt, which causes a litany of other issues that affect them far past their graduation date. Recently Obama’s initiative to extend the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) program, intended to alleviate some of the student loan burden, has earned a…

Western Undergraduae Exchange

June Newsletter 2014: Rising Student Loan Rates, The Western Undergraduate Exchange & More

It’s June! Warm afternoons, days spent with your toes in the sand at the beach, tossing aside winter and spring attire for jean shorts and tank tops… Yes, summer is here! Congratulations if you have a soon to be college freshmen. This summer will be a critical time to create your detailed college funding plan…

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Secrets for Cutting the Cost of College

If you are thinking about returning to school the issue of finances has likely come up. You’ll hear a lot about affordability and the cost of school interchanged, but affordability is different than cost. Think of it this way: cost is just the baseline; affordability can be considered how you’re going to manage that cost….

May 2014 Newsletter: How Much to Borrow for College, 5 Steps to Building a Smart Budget & More

  It’s May! May 1st was the deadline for most college decisions. Congratulations to those seniors who made their challenging college choice! For those of you with young kids, you may wonder which type of savings plan is right for your child’s college fund.  Should you consider saving in a 529 plan, a brokerage account,…

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Tax Advantaged College Strategies

Often times, college planning entails helping a family increase their opportunity to qualify for financial aid.  But what can be done for families who will likely NOT qualify for financial aid, given their income level and/or countable assets? Parents who are small business owners have additional college funding tools available to them that other families…