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Financial Aid Explained

At Strategies For College, we strongly encourage parents to start planning their financial strategy for their student’s higher education before their senior year of high school. This process involves quite a bit of research and should include a careful, honest assessment of your family’s financial situation. The goal is to develop a plan for college that results…

5 Important Reasons to Apply for Financial Aid

Every college-aspiring student should apply for financial aid – even those from families with higher incomes. Financial aid can provide valuable support to many students, and there are several reasons why all families should consider applying for financial aid. Here are five important reasons to apply:  1. You Might Qualify for Financial Aid: Many families…

Guest Podcast: How the CSS Profile Could Impact What You Pay for College with Beatrice Schultz

Guest blog featuring: Lisa Marker Robbins, founder of Flourish Coaching with Beatrice Schultz, owner of Westface College Planning. In this episode, Lisa and Beatrice discuss: Key Takeaways:  “It is a time to have a real consciousness about these $1,000 here and $1,000 there – it’s a huge amount of money.” – Beatrice Schultz About Beatrice Schultz: Beatrice…

Preparing for College: A High School Seniors Checklist  

For high school seniors with college in their sights, getting prepared for this next chapter of life is key to success. Keeping up to date with deadlines and requirements can be a big undertaking for students and their family members. By using our college prep checklist, they can stay on track and be ready to…

Preparing for Federal Student Loan Repayment

5 Steps to Prepare for Student Loan Repayment: Contact Us – Westface College Planning

Student Loan Entrance Counseling & MPN

Steps to Complete Loan Entrance Counseling: Steps to Complete Master Promissory Note: Contact Us – Westface College Planning