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Awards, Appeals, Waitlists & Final College Selection

Hi Friend, It’s April! Congratulations to all our seniors! College acceptances and financial aid offers have finally arrived. YOU get to choose your best academic, social, and financial fit college. Parents and students sometimes ask: Can I appeal my financial award? Yes, there is a process in place where you can appeal, and a financial aid…

Students and their teacher working on a project.

Should You Appeal Your College Financial Aid Award?

You have received financial aid award letters from your colleges, but the award from your first-choice college is less than you had hoped. What can you do? Should you appeal for additional assistance? Maybe your award does not reflect your current financial situation, or a recent scholastic achievement, or perhaps you have a more generous…

Emerging From the Pandemic Recession

As Americans move forward under a new presidential administration, it’s a good time to look at what has changed, what is changing and how your student can grow from those changes.

College: A six-figure purchase decision driven by teenagers.

Guest blogger Beth Walker is the founder of Center for College Solutions and author of Never Pay Retail For College. What could possibly go wrong? Throw in a pandemic, parental income insecurity, differing standards regarding “safe” protocols and the “on again, off again” virtual versus classroom instruction and we have a recipe for confusion, frustration and heartbreak. Is…

The FAFSA Is Changing For 2023-24

New changes are coming to the FAFSA in July 2023. Although the new FAFSA won’t be available until October 2022, it’s time to take a look at how those changes may affect you.

Is Test Optional an Option for the Class of 2022?

Here’s a short explanation from that offering where we explain why the class of 2022 and beyond won’t be able to count on this option at a great number of schools.