College Costs


Group of attractive teenage students at the stone steps in front of university.

In-State Vs. Out-Of-State College: What’s The Best Option?

Whether your teen is narrowing down their top public college choices or waiting for acceptance letters to arrive, they’ll eventually have to make that all-important decision of, “Which college do I choose?” For many students, that includes choosing between an in-state college and out-of-state college. There are pros and cons for each public college option,…

A young woman balancing an education with the costs.

How To Determine, “Is College Worth It?”

With student loan debt totaling a whopping 1.5 trillion dollars, it’s understandable that many people might be asking the question, “Is college worth it?” After all, next to a home mortgage, paying for higher education is one of the most significant financial investments a person can make during their lifetime. Studies show that college is…

USA Today: College Costs Going Up At Slower Rate

USA Today’s recent article says college costs are slowly going up: 7:21AM EDT October 24. 2012 – Sticker prices at America’s four-year public universities rose 4.8% this year, well below steeper annual increases in recent years, a report out Tuesday finds. But the rapid growth of federal grant aid in recent years also appears to be…

7 Creative Ways to Lower College Costs

Figuring out how to cover college costs can be daunting. There’s tuition, of course, and when you start adding in books, fees, room and board, plus incidentals the total cost of attendance can rise quickly. It’s best to plan ahead so that you’re not caught with unexpected expenses and no way to pay for them….