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Preparing for College: A High School Seniors Checklist  

For high school seniors with college in their sights, getting prepared for this next chapter of life is key to success. Keeping up to date with deadlines and requirements can be a big undertaking for students and their family members. By using our college prep checklist, they can stay on track and be ready to take on college with confidence! 

Senior Year College Checklist:


  • Confirm potential colleges and keep your information organized. Compare the schools on your list by what programs they offer, the location, and what kind of financial aid they receive. 
  • Meet with your high school guidance counselor. Counselors can supply information about the colleges you’re interested in and help with narrowing down your college list to the best 5-10 schools. 
  • Go visit college campuses. College visits are a fantastic way to get to know a school and the area. Be sure to gather information about the application and financial aid process for each school.  
  • Talk with your family about financial aid and how you’ll pay for college. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Westface College Planning to review your plan. 
  • Complete the  new simplified  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which will be available by January 1st.  
  • Complete the College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS Profile) if required, for any schools on your list by each college deadline. Explore and apply to all scholarships available to help offset the cost of college. 
  • Confirm which  colleges require standardized tests
  • Finalize your college essay, as most schools will require one to be submitted with your application. 
  • Request recommendation letters from counselors, teachers, or employers. 
  • Request official transcripts from your high school.  
  • Submit early action, early decision, and/or regular decision college applications by each college deadline which can be as early as November 1st…



By staying organized and planning ahead, high school seniors and their parents can be prepared for a smoother transition from high school senior to thriving college student. At Westface College Planning we help your family find ways to make college more affordable and streamlined by making sure you meet every financial aid deadline and take advantage of available scholarships and financing. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today!  

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