March 2012: Smaller Out of Pockets Costs, Updating Your FAFSA & More


Happy March! For those of you with juniors or seniors in high school, you don’t want to miss out on the extremely valuable and timely information in my College Funding Workshops. My next one is Tuesday night at the Redwood Shores Library, so mark your calendar! Visit www.westfacecollegeplanning.com to register and to read helpful articles, financial aid tips & tricks and more.

This month’s newsletter provides helpful information about why a private school can cost less out of pocket than public colleges and how to update your FAFSA with the correct numbers now that you’ve filed your taxes.

The college planning process is full of difficult questions and potentially expensive pitfalls. Whether your student is already in college, is a senior in high school or just starting their elementary school years, planning for college can never start too early. Give me a call at 650-587-1517 to schedule a complimentary private consultation to take the first step on the path to creating a clear college funding plan.

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Featured Find: Banner Fundraising Year for Wealthy Colleges

Colleges have significant money, even though the government does not, which is why private school can cost less out of pocket than public colleges. Here’s an article explaining more:

For the 99 percent of colleges, it was a pretty good fundraising year.

For the 1 percent of super-wealthy elite, it was a much better one that catapulted them even farther ahead of the pack.

The latest annual college fundraising figures out Wednesday show donations to colleges and universities rose 8.2 percent in fiscal 2011, crossing back over the $30 billion mark for just the second time ever, and improving many schools’ financial footing after several lean years due to the economic downturn.

But the very richest universities accounted for nearly half the growth: Of the $30.3 billion collected by colleges and universities nationwide, $8.2 billion – or 27 percent – was raised by just the top 20 institutions. At those universities, fundraising was 15.3 percent higher than the year before, widening an already yawning wealth gap at the top of higher education.

Read more in The Daily Journal.

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Senior Scoop: Steps for Students & Parents to Prepare for College

March is the month to make sure that all your colleges have the final correct income and tax information for your financial aid applications.

After you submit your tax return to the IRS, you will need to correct any income or tax information that is different from what you initially submitted on your FAFSA. You have the option of automatically retrieving your income and tax data from the Internal Revenue Service and having it automatically transferred into your FAFSA. The online application will walk you through the process, which requires that you provide your PIN and confirm that you want to retrieve your IRS data.

Do not update the asset portion of FAFSA. The assets remain the same and are not to be changed from the initial filing. The only things you change are things that are reflective of your accurate and filed 2011 tax return and any mistakes you might have made.

If you completed the CSS Profile for any of your colleges, send a copy of your 2011 filed taxes directly to each college that you included in the CSS Profile.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about this!

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