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Looking For Ways to Cut Down on the Cost of College? Consider a WUE School.

What Exactly is the WUE?

The Western Undergraduate Exchange, is a regional tuition exchange agreement whereby a resident of one of the 16 member states can go to college at a participating public institution in another WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) state, and pay 1.5 times the resident tuition of the enrolling institution. WICHE member states are: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

WUE is the biggest program of its kind in the nation; a total of 160+ total institutions — community colleges and universities – participate in the network. During the 2020-21 school year alone, some 40,000+ students saved an estimated $411.7 million by paying the reduced WUE rate, instead of full nonresident tuition.  Individual savings ranges from student to student, but on average, a student during the 2020-21 year saved about $9,692.

The savings numbers are even more staggering when you look at the historical savings the program has provided for families since the first exchanges began in 1988: In 2019, western residents saved an estimated $4.3 billion on some 625,000 annual tuition bills! Depending on where you’re from and where you want to enroll, earning your degree may cost about the same and sometimes less than what you would have paid if you had studied in your home state!

Wondering if your dream school is part of this program?  A full list can be found here.   

Wondering if There’s a Catch?

What motivates institutions to participate in WUE? Community colleges and universities like the WUE just as much as students and families do. It helps them achieve their enrollment goals on several levels. The savings can entice students to enroll in difficult-to-fill majors. They can also use WUE as a merit scholarship, to attract the brightest students in the region, which also boosts their graduation and retention rates.

WUE also helps them diversify their student body; the more regional and ethnically diverse their students are, the richer the learning experience for all. Some institutions also use WUE to attract academically qualified athletes in the region. Furthermore, some graduates will probably remain in the state where they received their degree, and become part of the local workforce. For growing states, this is a plus!

How to Request Consideration

Prospective students must apply for the WUE discounted rate at the same time they apply for admission. Students must request it and meet the enrolling institution’s requirements. While it isn’t automatically given to all students, be sure to apply early.  A number of colleges hand out a limited amount of WUE awards. 

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

  1. Make sure your major is eligible for the WUE discount at the WUE institution where you’re applying. Some high demand majors are excluded. To find out, check your dream institution’s WUE profile. Remember, if you change to a non-eligible major, the institution will charge you full nonresident tuition.
  2. Read the participating institution’s WUE eligibility requirements (GPA and ACT or SAT scores). Do you qualify? About 20% of WUE institutions use the program as a merit scholarship.
  3. Apply directly to the institution where you want to enroll, and apply as early as possible! Check the institution’s WUE application deadline. An early application will increase your chances if you meet all of the other qualifications where you want to enroll. Remember: some institutions have a limit on the number of WUE discounts that they will offer to new students each fall—you want to fall within that number.

If you’re awarded the WUE discounted tuition rate, be ready to study hard and finish your bachelor’s degree within four years. Most institutions limit the number of semesters that they will give you the discounted rate. Community colleges may also set a two-year limit for full-time students. It’s important to note that WUE is for students who want to complete a full degree; it is not designed for a semester or one year study experience.

For specific questions about admissions requirements, contact the enrolling institution directly. If you have general questions about the program after reading the WUE FAQ contact WICHE staff at [email protected] 303.541.0200.

Westface College Planning can help navigate the financial aid process from start to finish and help you with the WUE along with any other opportunities for financial aid.  To learn how we can help you call us at 360-818-7728.

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