High Graduation Rates, High Price Tags

price_tagHow do four-year graduation rates tie to colleges and acceptance rates?

It should be safe to assume that degree of difficulty regarding acceptance would prove itself as a top-tier link, and that is certainly a factor.  However, another towers over that facet, proving itself as the stronger correlation: tuition.

According to U.S. News Education, these ranked as the top 10 colleges with the highest reported graduation rate percentages:

Pomona College (CA) 92.8%
Haverford College (PA) 91.1%
Davidson College (NC) 89.9%
University of Notre Dame (IN) 89.8%
Vassar College (NY) 89.7%
Amherst College (MA) 89.6%
Carleton College (MN) 89.6%
Williams College (MA) 89.6%
Yale University (CT) 89.6%
Hamilton College (NY) 89.5%

Take Haveford College in Pennsylvania, for instance.  You can expect the tuition to break the bank, and it does, at around $47,000 per semester.  With the average at $22,203 for out-of-state residents in the 2014-15 school year, Haveford charges over twice the median tuition amount.  Admission rates are certainly a telling percentage, as well; for Haveford, it floated at 23.5% as of fall 2013.

Similarly, Davidson College in North Carolina averaged $45,377 in tuition and fees for 2014-15 and a slightly higher acceptance rate: 25.6%.

Keep in mind the U.S. Department of Education—wherein these percentages derive—only considers full-time students into their metrics, discounting part-time and transfer students.

While the graduation rates are undoubtedly impressive and causes one or more of them to situate a spot on your top college list, make sure you can cover part of their increased tuition with financial aid or other equally cost-saving means.

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Photo Credit: truthout.org