Clocks: Fall 2015 Admissions

Missed Fall 2015 Admissions? It’s Not Too Late

Students unlucky in the college admissions game can still get in under the wire.  Plenty of circumstances may have arose that deterred your student from acceptance.  Maybe all of their choices fell through.  Maybe they wavered between attending college or not and finally decided to take the plunge.

Late Admission? No Problem

No matter the reason, that May 1st admissions deadline is solid for many institutions.  Failure to send their nominal deposit (or notification of attendance without a deposit) will forfeit your student’s spot, forcing them on the waitlist, or even disqualify them entirely.

However, others remain open for new admissions: 220+ colleges, in fact.  Late enrollment does not equal a lesser quality education.  Highly ranked and respected colleges, while preferring an earlier submission, process late applications with virtually no fuss or resistance.

Time Magazine cited a considerably sized list of colleges still accepting admissions for Fall 2015:

University of Washington Bothell WA Public 37 64% $52,100
Holy Family University PA Private 68 62% $49,400
Oregon Institute of Technology OR Public 76 48% $57,000
Michigan Technological University MI Public 82 66% $59,200
Illinois Institute of Technology IL Private 92 68% $55,000
University of Arizona AZ Public 99 61% $48,400
Wheaton College MA Private 101 90% $42,400
New College of Florida FL Public 134 69% $39,800
DePauw University IN Private 134 78% $46,600
University of Northern Iowa IA Public 138 66% $40,600
Washington State University WA Public 138 67% $45,900
Loyola University Maryland MD Private 138 84% $51,000
William Jewell College MO Private 156 69% $45,700
Union College KY Private 166 83% $49,000
Saint Joseph’s University PA Private 169 79% $49,300
University of Toledo OH Public 173 46% $44,900
Ursuline College OH Private 173 52% $50,900
Rockhurst University MO Private 177 69% $49,000
The University of Tulsa OK Private 194 66% $55,000
Wagner College NY Private 208 66% $48,200

For a complete list, refer to the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

The Community College Route

If you want to bypass late admissions entirely, consider re-applying next term.  In the meantime, your student can easily access general education classes at a local community college, then transfer any completed courses (but make sure they’re transferable!).  Even better, community colleges are far less of a strain on your budget than four-year institutions, even in California: $5,000 versus $30,000 on average.  Save money without sacrificing time spent toward a degree.

Above all, advise your student not to panic and let them know options do exist so they don’t lose out on valuable education time.  Good luck!

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