A student worried about how the coronavirus will affect his studies and student loans.

Coronavirus College Updates, Tax Strategies And More!

Our daily lives have changed so much since our last newsletter and we hope that you are healthy and safe. This trying time has created many concerns for families, especially for high school students and college students returning home. Please know we are staying on top of the latest news so we can best inform you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

During this time of financial strain, one issue many now face is the repayment of student loans. The government recently passed the CARES Act and has suspended repayments and interest charges through September 30, 2020! Learn more about these important changes and what they mean for you in the months to come.

High schools and colleges are managing the upheaval across the country and bracing for future complications for extended school closures, financial aid, and admissions. The coronavirus has “really thrown a wrench into a number of things.”

April is the time for high school seniors to choose their college. This year, even more than typical, families are concerned about making a sensible and affordable college decision without jeopardizing retirement. If your financial circumstances have changed since you applied for financial aid last fall, you want to let the colleges know and ask them for help before accepting a college offer. 

If you have questions about the current situation, taxes or a financial aid appeal, give me a call at 360-818-7728, or sign up for a  complimentary college funding consultation or educational webinar today!

I look forward to talking with you soon, and please stay safe!

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What Is A CARES Act Impact On Student Loan Repayment

Rolled newspaper with the headline Changes in legislation.

On Friday, March 27th, the President signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) ACT. PayforED has reviewed the CARES Act impact on student loan repayment and the changes are significant.

The CARES Act helps most individual federal loan borrowers. There is a provision for student loan assistance programs that will benefit all student loan borrowers, but Private and FFEL loan borrowers need to contact their lender or servicers to see if they offer this new benefit.

Read more about these changes at PayForED.

Graduation, Financial Aid, Admissions –
For This Year’s College-Bound,
The Future Is In Turmoil

Student worried about how coronavirus will change his studies.

This spring was supposed to be an exciting time for Xander Christou. He’s a senior in high school in Austin, Texas, and was looking forward to all the fun: prom, senior skip day, and of course, graduation.

But all that’s now out the window. “There’s a sense that it’s incomplete,” says Christou. The school district has closed until April 3rd and Christou says he has this feeling that a unique chapter in his life — senior year — is slipping away. “They’re just parts that we may never get to experience.” One big disruption: any attempt at making plans for next year. “We’re in the midst of college decisions,” he says, and the coronavirus has “really thrown a wrench into a number of things.”

Continue reading about the impact on NPR.org.


Theresa Treadway at Westface College Planning.

We are thrilled to introduce Theresa Treadway, our new client service specialist at Westface College Planning. With a background in accounting and administration, she is an excellent fit for our team. We look forward to working with her and supporting her journey for her upcoming graduation from Washington State University in 2021.

Tips By Trix

Helpful Tips By Trix

Tip #1: When filing taxes, be sure to deduct student loan interest you’ve paid (up to $2500) on qualified student loans.

Tip #2: If the college your student is interested in offers merit aid, they might need to submit a separate application. Have them check beforehand so they can meet all the necessary deadlines.

Tip #3: I recommend everyone file the FAFSA and long before the deadline. Doing so puts your student in the best position for grants, scholarships, merit aid and work-study positions.

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Fun College Facts

A group of men and women holding up letters that say facts.
  • The land the University of Glasgow (Scotland) sits on was almost developed into a cemetery
  • Only .4 percent of undergrads attend an Ivy League School
  • In 2004, Sacha Baron Cohen gave his commencement speech address at Harvard University in his Ali G persona

Tips For Parents

Are Scholarships Taxable? Rules To Know Now

A college student contemplating taxes.

First, congratulations on winning that scholarship! You’ve made a great stride in paying for college and reducing your student debt. Now that tax time is approaching, you might find yourself asking, “Are scholarships taxable?”

This is an excellent question! Most scholarships and grants are considered “free money” and not taxable, but there are exceptions. To get started, I’ve outlined when scholarships are taxable and additional tax filing tips.

Learn more about this topic on Westface College Planning.

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