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Will Your Student Attend College Online?

Our daily lives have changed so much, we hope that you and your family are healthy and safe. This trying time has created many concerns for families, especially for high school students and college students returning home. Please know we are staying on top of the latest news so we can best inform you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

During this time of uncertainty, parents and students are understandably worried about what fall may bring. Many parents believe the upcoming tuition rates should be discounted. Do you agree? Stay informed and learn more about what the upcoming school year could look like for your student.

Many colleges are making one of the most difficult decisions of their existence. Is it better to risk opening and spreading COVID-19, or take the financial loss and stick with online schooling? To find out about your specific college, check out this complete list of colleges and their plans of action moving forward.

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Is your high school junior college ready? I’m sharing essential tips and tricks to help you outline a game plan to better prepare your high school student for the transition to becoming a college freshman. 

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Will Parents Pay?

It’s understandable that parents of high school seniors have questions regarding the quality of online schooling currently offered by many colleges and its value to their student. 

Would you want to send your child to college in the fall if classes are all online? Many parents are saying no. Online schooling requires attentiveness and excellent time management skills, that many soon-to-be freshmen might not have acquired yet. Learn more about this topic on Inside Higher Ed.

Is Your College Opening This Fall?

Does your high school student have a specific college they were hoping to attend this upcoming fall?

The current pandemic has created hard to answer questions for higher education leaders, which ultimately causes uncertainty for students, parents and campus faculty. Here is a complete list of colleges who have either disclosed their plans or a deadline by which they will decide.

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Tips By Trix

Helpful Tips By Trix

Tip #1: A realistic college budget needs to include ALL expenses, such as rent, utilities and groceries, as well as ALL sources of income from student loans, monthly allowance, and monies earned from a part-time job.

Tip #2: When your student is researching potential colleges, have them ask, “What do I want out of my college experience?” and, “What colleges suit my learning style?” 

Tip #3: Students who structure their gap year with activities they are passionate about, such as internships, volunteering and traveling, are more likely to return to school and graduate on time.

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Fun College Facts

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  • A 2016 study showed that 38% of students attend college within 50 miles of their home.
  • After being caught sharing a pint of gin with fellow classmates, Theodor Seuss Geisel, was asked to resign from the college’s humor magazine. Undeterred, he began contributing under the moniker Dr. Seuss.
  • During home football games at Penn Today, supporters throw baked goods, like toast, onto the football field between the third and fourth quarter.

Tips For Parents

Are Scholarships Taxable? Rules To Know Now

A college student contemplating taxes.

For many students, preparation for college begins in earnest at the start of junior year in high school. To help get yourself prepared, here are five tips to get your rising junior on the right track the moment the school year begins.

Before anything else, high school juniors need to set time aside to outline a game plan

This will help you develop a working plan to take you from a high school junior to a full-fledged college student. This also includes outlining a fair budget (and sticking to it). It’s never too early to have a college plan. The time spent organizing a game plan the first few weeks as a high school junior will more than pay off later.

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