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It’s April! This spring, the college decision timeline is very different due to the many FAFSA delays. High school seniors will likely start receiving their financial aid offers mid-April. As a result, the Department of Education is encouraging colleges and universities to extend their admission deadlines to allow more time for reviewing offers. 

Once seniors start receiving their financial aid offers they can begin making the important decisions about which school they’d like to attend. A big piece of the college decision making process is reviewing and comparing financial aid offers to find a college that is a good financial fit.

Have you wondered if your teen’s college major choice matters in admissions? Lisa Marker-Robbins’ Flourish Coaching team works with college bound students to guide them in career, major and college choices. Flourish Coaching’s research into the admissions policies of the 50 state public flagship universities has unveiled critical insights into the college admissions process, which we’ve shared in our blog this month. 

The college admissions and funding journey is a team effort, and both Westface College Planning and Flourish Coaching are here to guide you every step of the way. Embarking on this journey together, we’re committed to helping your family navigate the college planning process with clarity, strategy, and optimism. Let’s ensure your teen finds the perfect college match and is ready for a flourishing future. If you and your college-bound student are ready to start planning towards your college financial match, schedule a complimentary consultation with us today!

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Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letters

Not sure how to read your financial aid award letter? We’ll break it down for you to help you make the right college decision!

*Note: Note: Due to the delay in the release of the 2024-2025 FAFSA, students most likely won’t receive their financial aid award letters until mid-April

Does Your Teen’s College Major Choice Matter in Admissions?

If you’re the parent of a college-bound teenager, you know all too well the mix of excitement and anxiety that comes with planning for college.

The pressure to choose the right college and major, meet application deadlines, and ensure a bright future for your teen can be overwhelming. And the financial stakes can be high. For most families, paying for college is the single largest financial investment they will ever make in their teen.

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