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February Newsletter 2014: Writing Contest, Merit Aid Restrictions, Senior Checklist & More

It’s February! You may think it’s too early to file your tax returns, but if you have a senior, there are reasons to take action as soon as possible. If you complete your income tax return and update your FAFSA before colleges send out award letters in March, you can expect a more accurate financial…

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Merit Aid: Some Assembly (May Be) Required

Seniors: if you believe all colleges only require their application for consideration of merit aid, think again. If you’re unfamiliar with merit aid, it essentially grants students with funding stemming from academic or other achievements, such as an impressive GPA or recognized honors, not based upon financial need. It’s true that most colleges only request…

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Exploiting Student’s College List on the FAFSA

As you’re helping your child complete the FAFSA, do you realize their 10 schools of choice can be used against them? It seems innocent enough. Your student may favor New York University over UCLA and, naturally, would categorize them by personal importance.  It’s becoming increasingly apparent, however, that this list contains an underlying M.O. in…

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Not All College Tuitions are Created Equal

When it comes to state-by-state college tuition fees, the ranges between the highest and lowest colleges are staggering. In fact, the difference boils down to thousands upon thousands of dollars.  You may wonder if a high price ticket equals an overall better institution. That should ring true for most investments.  The more money you shell…

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January Newsletter 2014: Early-Bird Scholarships, Digital Learning & More

It’s January!  It’s time to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible.  Not only is it a load off your mind, but you’re also guaranteed aid that may otherwise be turned down to students who wait months down the road to apply.  The earlier, the better! If you have any FAFSA questions, sign up for…

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Top 5 Factors to Consider Community College

As high school seniors plan their impending college career, they and their parents realize that after comparing Cost of Attendance at State, UCs and private colleges, it’s an extremely heavy financial burden.  Even with the support of financial aid, it’s likely that families will spend tens of thousands of dollars per school year. So, why…