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Need-Blind vs. Need-Aware Colleges: Why You Should Apply Regardless

Recently the labels “need-blind” and “need-aware” were thrust into the spotlight.  After years of promoting themselves as a need-blind college, George Washington University admits they generally adopt need-aware practices. In fact, about 10% of prospective students falling outside the top-achieving admissions migrate from “admitted” to “waitlisted” at GWU each year due to financial need consideration….

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Not Just for Rich Kids: Top Colleges Lend a Hand to Low-Income Students

Low-income students tend to shy away from adding top colleges to their application list.  They, like many others, accept the idea that as long as you have money, you’ll be nearly guaranteed a spot at a top-tier university. … At least, that’s what the past has shown us. Even with a solid 4.0 and laundry…

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November Newsletter 2013: Common App Issues, College Curriculum Debates, Scholarship Resources & More

It’s November and the holiday season is quickly approaching. Many seniors have already applied for early admission to some private colleges and all seniors foresee regular admission deadlines looming upon the horizon.  Ongoing issues with Common Application were an unwelcome distraction in the midst of an already stressful time.  In response to these problems, a growing…

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Scholarship Resources

As seniors begin to finalize their college lists, it’s important to determine which schools may provide merit aid for students. Additionally, many colleges offer school specific scholarship resources to help lessen the burden for students applying. But for many students, private scholarships may be needed to help finance the cost. The internet is a substantial…

Forget Accident Forgiveness! What about Loan Forgiveness?

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of student loans that loom years after graduating? It is indeed a heavy burden.  Of the 20 million students attending college per year, about 60% require federal student loans because they lack the certification to obtain scholarships or simply cannot afford the rising costs associated with college attendance.  With over…

October Senior Scoop — Know Your Net Price for College

Paying for college is a daunting task.  However, with the abundance of loan options and scholarships available to students this year, the burden and worry can be lessened. When including these extra funding sources, figuring out how much to compensate can be difficult. That’s why we use Net Price Calculators to obtain the full cost…