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Student Loan Entrance Counseling & Repayment

Hi Friend, As the laid-back days of summer vacation start to wind down, August reminds us that it’s time to start preparing for the school year ahead. For some rising high school seniors, this also means gearing up for college and filling out applications.  Completing the Common Application is one step in the college application…

Preparing for Federal Student Loan Repayment

5 Steps to Prepare for Student Loan Repayment: Contact Us – Westface College Planning

Student Loan Entrance Counseling & MPN

Steps to Complete Loan Entrance Counseling: Steps to Complete Master Promissory Note: Contact Us – Westface College Planning

Social Media & Its Effects on Parents During the College Process

Hi Friend, Summer is all about relaxing in the sun and enjoying the next few months with your family and friends. While students and their families are getting a much-needed break from their busy schedules, now is a good time to create and review your college funding plan. If you have a high school student…

Social Media & Parents in the College Process

In our previous newsletter, we discussed the impact social media may have on teenagers during the college process. Here is the second in the two-part series, in which we look at how parents may be influenced by social media during the same period of time. Nowadays, it’s common practice for people to join Facebook groups…

Social Media & Its Effects on the College Process

Hi Friend, June is finally here and the first day of summer is fast approaching. Congratulations to our graduating seniors! What a big accomplishment! While summertime is ideal for enjoying the long warm days, it’s also a time when high schoolers are thinking about their futures and are starting to plan for college.   As students…