College Funding


Tips for a Financially Responsible Student

Heading off to college means gaining independence in several ways, and financial independence is one of the most important. Take some time to teach your student to navigate financial waters before they are on their own to avoid trouble with credit cards, overdraft fees and other tricky financial woes. Here are a few steps to…

Your Guide to Federal Student Loans

Direct loans, repayments, need-based aid, dependent status… Do these make your head spin? College finances can be a confusing endeavor. We can help clear things up, starting with explaining the difference between two of the biggest federal loans available:  Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loans. Traditionally, these are the two most common forms of federal…

Class of 2022 – Juniors – It’s time to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation!

Guest blogger Harriet E. Katz is the owner/CEO of Creative Kid College Coach. This is a critical step to improve your college application! With the lack of standardized testing, colleges are putting extensive emphasis on how they evaluate a student’s fit for their school. An impactful letter of recommendation has taken on an even more significant role…

Students and their teacher working on a project.

Should You Appeal Your College Financial Aid Award?

You have received financial aid award letters from your colleges, but the award from your first-choice college is less than you had hoped. What can you do? Should you appeal for additional assistance? Maybe your award does not reflect your current financial situation, or a recent scholastic achievement, or perhaps you have a more generous…

What Do You Need To Know About FAFSA For 2023-2024?

A two-year lookback at income for financial aid eligibility may make the process daunting. Our advice hasn’t changed: Plan your college funding now!

Is Test Optional an Option for the Class of 2022?

Here’s a short explanation from that offering where we explain why the class of 2022 and beyond won’t be able to count on this option at a great number of schools.