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The Storm of Divorce

Weathering the Storm: Divorce & Financial Aid

What happens when parents are getting a divorce, but financial aid for their dependent child has yet to be processed for the next school term?  Even amidst parental separation, it often requires a student to itemize their income along with the custodial parent on the joint income tax return.  If you’re in this situation, it’s important…

May 2015 Newsletter: Will MOOC Enrollment Trump College Admissions?

May 2015 Newsletter   Happy May!  May 1st was the deadline for most college decisions.  Congrats to all students who’ve made their life-changing college choice! Your next step is to build your college funding plan and map out your financial life.  We can help you take your next step on the path to creating a clear college…

Should you appeal a college acceptance letter?

To Appeal or not to Appeal

Whether or not to appeal financial aid award offers is a question many students face this time of year.  Maybe the award offer was not as much as you anticipated, or perhaps your circumstances have changed since you filed your application.  There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to appeal….

College Ranking & ROI

April 2015 Newsletter: Should You Consider College Ranking & ROI?

April 2015 Newsletter Happy April! Congratulations to all our seniors!  College acceptances and financial aid offers have finally arrived and your powerful decision making time is here.  YOU get to choose your best academic, social, and financial fit college. PayScale recently unveiled their annual interactive ranking of colleges base of return-on-investment (ROI).  Check out our Senior Scoop where we discuss how ROI can help…

College Choice: How Important is Financial Fit?

Seniors: Acceptance letters are in!  Seniors have less than a month to finalize their college choice.  Most seniors have applied to multiple colleges, and potentially found two, three, or more acceptance letters sitting in their mailbox or popping up in their inbox.  While some find the choice is a no-brainer, others are stumped.  Out of…

Map of Colleges that Award the Most Merit Aid

March 2015 Newsletter: Which Colleges Award the Most Merit Aid?

March 2015 Newsletter     It’s March and, if you are a senior, it’s decision time. I love this time of year.  Every day I have the privilege to receive an email or phone call from my many excited clients as their sons and daughters receive college offers. That excitement also comes with trepidation of…