Parents: It’s Time for YOU to Go Back to School

It’s August! Whether your student is gearing up for education mode, or right in the middle of first-week preparations, August means it’s the start of back to school season.

Stretch Out Summer Earnings with a Clear Savings Plan

Embarking on a summer job may be new territory for your student. Before spending a penny, talk to your student about these 4 things.

Set Budget Expectations Before Your Student Heads off for College

Your student’s budget awareness will make or break their spending habits in college. Make sure they know how to track monthly spending, talk about financial pitfalls they may encounter, and best practices for staying on top of debit card spending.

Now’s the Time to Make a Plan

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Tips for Parents of Seniors

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Extra Summer Job Earnings? Before Spending a Penny, Talk to Your Student About These 4 Things

Published on Westface College Planning

1. Stick to a savings plan

A good rule of thumb is save first and spend what you have left over. Agreeing on a plan ahead of time will make it easier to part with a chunk of the money. A popular (and fair) budgeting technique is the 50/30/20 budget:

50% → Necessities

30% → Wants

20% → Savings

Why You Need a Summer Earnings Budget

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In this afternoon webinar, Beatrice will help you build your college financial plan before the first day of school begins.

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In College News

Amount of Spending Money a College Student Needs

By Karen Frazier ● Published on LoveToKnow College

Going to college is an expensive venture. While tuition costs are clearly printed on school websites and in catalogs, the amount of spending money a college student needs may be difficult to determine.

Pinning down an annual amount of money needed for college depends on many factors, including what one considers spending money, activities, and the geographical region where the student attends college.

See a Sample Budget

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