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Canadian Universities Offer Americans Affordable Degrees

American high school graduates searching for a bargain—and, of course, a top-rated school—are grabbing their passports and travelling north.  According to the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C., an estimated 10,000 Americans are pursuing degrees in Canada; that number is up from 3,500 ten years ago. Even coupled alongside extra fees for … [Read more...]

7 Tips if You are Thinking Naval Academy

Drews Mitchell, LEAP Counselor, had the privilege of attending the Center of Influence Conference at the US Naval Academy. You can focus your search with his tips. The United States Naval Academy has a reputation of excellence that is truly well deserved.  My experiences at the Centers of Influence Conference solidified my positive opinions of … [Read more...]

Harvard Accepts $400 Million Endowment

Once again, the spotlight is being shined on college endowments.  At the start of the year, a mass of articles flooded in reporting the top colleges who raked in the highest dollar amount in endowments.  Harvard, the University of Texas, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton all took the top 5 spots, with the most substantial 11 percent growth by the … [Read more...]

June 2015 Newsletter: Student Loan Rate Set to Drop

June 2015 Newsletter Stafford Loans Subject to Lower Interest Rates   It's June, and summer marks the momentous transition from sophomore to junior, and junior to senior. A warm congratulations to any graduating seniors. You did it! You next step is building your college funding plan, and I'm here to help. Sign up for … [Read more...]

Reinforcing Your College Search with “Colleges That Change Lives”

Seniors (new and graduating): June is the month of change.  Juniors rise to their highly anticipated senior level and seniors proudly accept their hard-earned diploma.  For those college-bound students, the process of a college search is over and can now become a memory.  For incoming seniors of ’17, however, it has only begun. College Search … [Read more...]