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Time to Panic or Plan? Obama’s 529 Proposed Reform

As many college-bound families are aware, President Obama held a college-themed State of the Union address regarding 529 Plans on Tuesday, January 20th.  He announced the intended strategy to reduce complexities surrounding educational tax credits, with the goal to reduce the cost of college for middle-class families.  His argument was that “unfair … [Read more...]

Shape Your Child’s Mind for College Finances

Your child has navigated high school, taken the SATs, chosen a college and looks forward to the new-found independence that college life offers.  For most young people, college marks their first experience living on their own, with all the freedom and responsibility that comes along with it. As a parent, you know that they’ll learn much more … [Read more...]

Reviewing the FAFSA4caster

Families harboring upcoming or future college-bound students are unquestionably aware that the FAFSA season kicked off a couple of weeks ago: January 1st 2015. As you gather vital information and documents (such as household income) for the FAFSA, it may lend you a small peace of mind to get a general idea of your potential financial aid.  … [Read more...]

January Newsletter 2015: Ten Common FAFSA Mistakes, Taking a Gap Year & More

January Newsletter 2015  January marks the beginning of the FAFSA season.  It's time to apply!  Every college has a different deadline.  Some are as early as January 15th.  If you submit your application as soon as possible, not only is it a load off your mind, but you're also first in line to receive the grants for which you qualify.  … [Read more...]

Watch Your Step—But Don’t Be Afraid of a Gap Year!

Seniors: As you map out the timeline of your post-graduation time, have you considered the possibility of embracing a gap year? Commonly adopted by British and Australian students, a gap year promotes rejuvenation of the mind and time to align goals—specifically landing on a curricular and career path.  Benefits certainly lie in jumpstarting … [Read more...]