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High Graduation Rates, High Price Tags

How do four-year graduation rates tie to colleges and acceptance rates? It should be safe to assume that degree of difficulty regarding acceptance would prove itself as a top-tier link, and that is certainly a factor.  However, another towers over that facet, proving itself as the stronger correlation: tuition. According to U.S. News … [Read more...]

4 Tax-Saving Strategies for College Funding

It seems there are as many ways to save for college as there are colleges.  It pays to do some research and understand ways you can not only save for your child’s education, but also save on your yearly tax bill. Depending on how much college costs, it’s possible to use tax strategies to save as much as you spend on college tuition (particularly … [Read more...]

“How to Pay for College” Workshop (Tuesday Nov. 18th – Belmont, CA)

Download & Share Flyer Brien Shamp's Boot Camps, Personal Training & Nutrition and Westface College Planning cordially invite you and a friend to attend an evening College Funding Presentation by Beatrice Schultz, CFP® and Mark Guthrie. College can cost thousands more than it should. Learn how to avoid overpaying! Tuesday, … [Read more...]

The Student Loan Quandary: 3 Tips to Chip Away Debt While Finishing Your Degree

  If Possible, Opt for Higher Monthly Student Loan Payments This idea may seem counter-intuitive because your goal lies in paying the smallest amount possible. Penny-pinching students may wonder; why worry now? However, once your 6-month grace period ends following graduation, interest rates begin to accumulate and snowball into even … [Read more...]

November Newsletter 2014: How to Pay for College Workshops, PLUS Loan Caution, Get Financially Fit & More

November Newsletter 2014 It's November, and we're quickly approaching the much-anticipated holiday season! If you live near Davis or Belmont, get ready, because this month we are hosting "How to Pay for College" workshops in your neighborhood!  Everyone is welcome: Bring your friends and family!  Space may be limited, so … [Read more...]