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What to Know About the Federal Pell Grant

It’s no secret that student loans not only inherently carry a huge financial burden.  Without a cushy, high-income job at the get-go of your career, students are forced to deal with years of monthly payments, potentially tallying up to 20 years or more.  Your instinct is likely to avoid loans like the plague.  Thankfully, other avenues to finance … [Read more...]

Be the “Starving Student” No More: 5 Money-Saving Tips

With the massive expenses tied to college attendance, it’s no wonder the “starving student” stereotype remains prevalent.  For any student, stashing away an extra $20 per week or even cutting down needed expenses dime for dime is a crucial factor in surviving today’s high-cost environment. Use these tips to help ease the financial pressure from … [Read more...]

Jump the Scholarship Hurdle with Automatic Merit Aid

Gasping for air as you reach for perfect scholarships?  Sounds dramatic, but the hunt for scholarships leads to an overdose of information and resources. As students sift through the thousands of offered by various companies, organizations, and private donors, they may very well feel akin to a drowning victim.  While it’s necessary to wade … [Read more...]

Till Death (or Retirement) Do Us Part: Selecting a ‘Marriageable’ Career

Seeking a mate until the end of time: looking for an honest, reliable, intelligent companion. Would prefer a life partner to a quick fling. Must be flexible, attentive, and willing to help make ends meet. Life can be daunting, let’s weather it together. Finding the perfect job can be a lot like finding the right spouse.  Sure, it’s awesome to have … [Read more...]

October Newsletter 2014: Student Loan Apocalypse, CSS Profile & More

October Newsletter 2014 It's October! Is your student considering one of the 300+ colleges that require the CSS Profile application as well as the FAFSA application to qualify for financial aid? If your answer is a definite "yes", and your student is applying Early Action or Early Decision, make sure to check the deadline for your … [Read more...]