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Archive for September 2014

Transfer Admission Guarantee: Due in Less Than a Week!

Alarm Clock Ringing

If you’re on the verge of completing your general education courses at a California community college (CCC), did you know you may be eligible for a guaranteed transfer to a UC? This is known as a Transfer Admission Guarantee, or TAG, which gives you a leg up in admission: early academia record review, admission notification…

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College Prep Timeline

September Calendar

As college freshman embark on their journey, for high school juniors and seniors, it’s crunch time to begin mapping out their plans for college, both financial and otherwise.  This means approaching teachers for crucial recommendations, picking and choosing between colleges to create a top 5 to 10 list, and gathering the needed materials for applications…

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September Newsletter 2014: Reinforcing the Value of a College Degree, How Financial Aid Formulas Work & More

Net Present Value of a Bachelor's Degree, 1970 - 2013

It’s September! Are you prepared for Fall?  As we ring in the new school year–whether high school or college–planning ahead remains a vital, dominant factor in staying one step ahead of the financial planning and admissions processes. Still struggling with the question of whether a college education is worth it?  This month’s Featured Find discusses new…

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