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Quick Tips for Note-Taking

While the idea of jotting down countless lines of notes during lectures may cause high school and even college students to cringe, it's vital in their scholastic success. We need to be fair, though; it's not the easiest nor the most exciting task, and sifting through the torrents of facts thrown at them can cause them to feel lost, understandably … [Read more...]

Retirement or College Savings?

If a friend casually asked you during a conversation whether you believe saving for college or retirement is at the top of your list, what would you say?  Surprisingly, many harmonize together to a similar tune: retirement. Why, you may wonder? According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s a simple answer: strategies for retirement plans limit to … [Read more...]

2 Kinds of Debt Often Linked with Student Loans

Ask most adults what ranks as their #1 worry and they’ll most likely point to money and, subsequently, debt. Numbers don't lie, and they're pretty alarming; consumers racked up $2.4 trillion in debt in 2010. Not two billion, but trillion. From credit cards to mortgages, debt typically intertwines as the norm from the moment you begin your college … [Read more...]

July 2014 Newsletter: Why 50% of Grads Rely on Parents, Making the Most Out of Summer Break & More

    It's July! We hope all of you enjoy July 4th and wish you a safe--and fun!-- holiday. Worried your student may not be utilizing their free time during these relaxing summer days?  This month's Senior Scoop shares various means of productivity that will keep their mind stimulated and even nudge forward their college … [Read more...]

PAYE Program: Initiative to Extend Eligibility

It’s no secret that one of the biggest downfalls for students manifests itself via loan debt, which causes a litany of other issues that affect them far past their graduation date. Recently Obama’s initiative to extend the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) program, intended to alleviate some of the student loan burden, has earned a great deal of attention, … [Read more...]