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Save Money by Studying Abroad

Imagine this: a university degree program where you can study whatever you want, alongside diverse and dynamic students and professors, complete with a study abroad element, the opportunity to travel, competitiveness on the global marketplace, as well as a foreign language element that all but guarantees fluency upon graduation. Now imagine that … [Read more...]

Staying on Top of Your Student Loans: 3 Common Habits & Solutions

You've taken the big step of borrowing student loan money.  While you've conquered one hurdle, the next challenges will arise in how you handle your loan situation throughout your college years.  Avoid these 3 habits and keep our suggestions in mind to break bad habits—with student loans and in life! Keeping Tabs of Your Debt Problem: … [Read more...]

June Newsletter 2014: Rising Student Loan Rates, The Western Undergraduate Exchange & More

It's June! Warm afternoons, days spent with your toes in the sand at the beach, tossing aside winter and spring attire for jean shorts and tank tops... Yes, summer is here! Congratulations if you have a soon to be college freshmen. This summer will be a critical time to create your detailed college funding plan for the next four years.  For … [Read more...]

On a Budget? 10 Ways to Save Money at College

Most every student wants to get the most bang for the buck at college.  And who can blame them?  With the price of college running at more than double the rate of inflation, every dollar counts.  And it’s not just the standing costs – tuition and fees, and room and board – it’s the recurring day-to-day costs that can leave a hole in your pocket.  … [Read more...]

An Inside Look at the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

Seniors: If you're looking for a way to obtain more financial aid at a college on the western side of the United States, the Western Undergraduate Exchange may be the way to go. Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) operates as a non-profit facility and essentially acts as an informational hub, conveying data or “resource … [Read more...]