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Archive for May 2014

Stimulate Your Mind — Take a Summer Program!

Summer Sunflower

With summer just around the corner, high school students may first bask in the glow of three months away from the stress of school.  Once that subsides, particularly for ambitious students, they’ll wonder if any options exist to keep their mind stimulated, prepare them for their future careers or possibly explore avenues they have yet…

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Secrets for Cutting the Cost of College

Two girls, with one telling the other a secret

If you are thinking about returning to school the issue of finances has likely come up. You’ll hear a lot about affordability and the cost of school interchanged, but affordability is different than cost. Think of it this way: cost is just the baseline; affordability can be considered how you’re going to manage that cost.…

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Where Should I be Saving for College?

Piggy Bank

Whether you have dreams of sending your newborn child to Harvard, UC Berkeley or San Diego State, you have a lot of savings ahead of you if you plan to foot part of the bill. You need to come up with a savings plan EARLY – and stick with it for many, many years. Various…

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Building a Smart College Budget in 5 Easy Steps

Scissors cutting coupons.

Seniors: Keeping track of your everyday costs can be mind-boggling for students not particularly savvy at organization. Financial preparation is one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever learn.  It not only teaches you irreplaceable skills, it also paves your bright path to adulthood.  A solid foundation will secure your independence.  No ambitious college-bound student…

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