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Archive for July 2013

Student Debt & The American Dream

Everyone recognizes that having a strong education is one way to move up in the world, but as college degrees become increasingly essential to making one’s way in the 21st-century economy, education for the poorest Americans is becoming increasingly unaffordable. The average senior graduates with a loan exceeding $26,000; that’s a 40% increase in just…

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The Student Loan Fairness Act

Last week, we discussed why critics say student loan forgiveness won’t work. This week we take a look at The Student Loan Fairness Act. April 25th marked the one-year anniversary of student debt hitting one trillion dollars. Today, more than 1 in 3 borrowers of student loans are over 90 days delinquent, according to a…

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College Students: Personal Finance

It’s normal for parents to worry about sending their students to college, but it’s not just their academics that parents should worry about. They should also think about making sure their college student understands personal finances. Research from America’s Promise Alliance shows that a lack of transparency and simplicity in the application process can make…

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