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Archive for March 2013

President’s Scholar Program

As acceptance letters start rolling in, it can be difficult to choose once college over another. One way to help you decide between colleges is to consider going to a one that offers a program like the one offered by Lehigh University. The President’s Scholar Program recognizes undergraduate college students’ outstanding academic outstanding achievement by…

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President Obama’s College Affordability Plan

Every year, more than 100,000 college-qualified low-income students don’t enter college because cost is a major barrier. Currently, almost half of all college students borrow, and those who earn bachelor’s degrees leave school with an average of $26,000 in debt. Choices made at every level including federal, state and institution, have affected the cost of…

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Waitlist or Deferred: What Do They Mean?

College acceptance letters are on their way out – some students may have already received them. There are four answers that your student can receive from the admissions committee: accepted, rejected, deferred or waitlisted. The first two are pretty easy to decipher, however the last two are a little more complicated. Receiving a deferred answer…

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