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Is A Scholarship Taxable?

It’s tax season. That means it’s time to organize and get all your financial papers in order. If you’re a college student or a recent graduate that has received a scholarship over the past year you may owe taxes on it. Typically, scholarships are “free money,” but there are certain circumstances that require students to claim the scholarship … [Read more...]

Federal Student Aid Programs: What the Changes Mean to You

Paying for higher education can be difficult for many families. Costs continue to skyrocket at a time when many are struggling with economic and employment uncertainties. This makes applying and receiving financial aid critical for many college students. One factor that determines financial aid is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). After … [Read more...]

College Students: Should You Live On Or Off Campus?

Your college student has applied and gotten into the college of their dreams. Now the moment has come for your college-bound son or daughter to think about whether they want to live on or off campus. The decision is a big one and a very individual one. It’s a good idea to sit down and think about what’s important to your student to achieve academic … [Read more...]

Free Online Courses Being Considered for College Credit

One of the hottest issues in higher education these days is the recent explosion of free online courses. Colleges are grappling with the impact free online courses can have on teaching. While the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) platforms are still in their early stages, the race has begun to integrate free online courses into traditional colleges … [Read more...]