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Repayment Tips for Student Loans – Part 2

Repaying your student loans right after graduating college can be overwhelming. Many students don’t realize how much they’ve actually borrowed to get themselves through school. In the first half of our 2-part blog we discussed repayment options for your student loans. Now we will discuss why it’s so important to keep your lender in the loop of your … [Read more...]

Repayment Tips for Student Loans – Part 1

Students who need to take out student loans during college don’t give much thought to the accumulating financial burden they will face after graduation. The issue is only compounded further with no bills coming for months after graduation. It can be easy to forget about the student loans and not prepare to pay them back with the stress of looking … [Read more...]

Student Loans – How to Prevent Defaulting on Your Loan?

Student loan defaults have risen for the sixth straight year according to the Institute for College Access & Success. The percentage of borrowers who defaulted on their federal student loans within two years of their first payment jumped 9.1% in fiscal year 2011, up from 8.8% the previous year. A mid-2012 briefing paper by the Economic Policy … [Read more...]

The 4th Annual Dare 2B Digital Conference: Discover Exciting Careers

Did you know that women hold more than half of all professional occupations in the U.S. but only 18% of computer and information science degrees were awarded to women in 2008? That’s down from 37% in 1985. Computational Science underlines nearly all scientific innovation today and drives virtually every sector of the United States’ and global … [Read more...]

College Planning: How To Calm Your Anxiety

High school seniors aren’t the only ones who have to deal with the stress of planning for college. Parents almost always have the biggest anxiety when it comes to wondering how they are going to pay for their child’s college education without putting themselves into debt. Two of the most common causes of college planning stress are little to no … [Read more...]