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Archive for October 2012

USA Today: College Costs Going Up At Slower Rate

USA Today’s recent article says college costs are slowly going up: 7:21AM EDT October 24. 2012 – Sticker prices at America’s four-year public universities rose 4.8% this year, well below steeper annual increases in recent years, a report out Tuesday finds. But the rapid growth of federal grant aid in recent years also appears to be…

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ACT vs. SAT: Which is Best?

When it comes to college admissions, many parents and students wonder if it’s best to focus on achieving a high ACT score or whether they should turn their focus to the SAT test. The answer is, it really depends. When it comes to the ACT vs. SAT, there are several factors to consider. Just make…

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October 2012: College IS an Investment & More

College Fund Piggybank

Happy October! It’s the month of tricks and treats but there’s no need to be scared by college deadlines. This is the perfect time for parents of juniors and seniors to start taking steps to maximize your family’s financial aid eligibility. This past weekend’s College Smart Radio – Tackling the Runaway Costs of College show…

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Early Action vs. Early Decision

One of the most confusing aspects of college admission is their early admissions policy. Early admissions programs have become increasingly common with approximately two out of three of the country’s top universities and colleges offering some kind of early admissions program. It’s important to know the difference between early action and early decision. The two…

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