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Archive for September 2012

Super Scoring & College Admissions

Super Scoring has become commonplace in the college admissions process. The common application even has a section now where you can super score your tests. But what is Super Scoring and how does it affect your college admissions? As the name implies, Super Scoring is the best of your test scores. Over time, the College…

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College Planning for High School Juniors

School is back in session and that means for many high school juniors, the thought of college isn’t far behind. So what can you do to get ready for the collegiate grind? Here are a few tips to get you on the right track and plan for college as a high school junior. Game Plan…

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College Planning for the High School Sophomore

If you’re starting your sophomore year this fall, chances are you’re aware of the competition you’ll face when applying for colleges. Your sophomore year is the time to really buckle down and focus on qualifying yourself for college. At Westface College Planning, we want to help you make a plan to take full advantage of…

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September 2012: College Smart Radio Debuts & More

Happy September! Now that school is back in session, this is the perfect time for you and your student to start taking steps to make college more affordable. If you have more questions than answers, make sure you reserve a seat at this Thursday’s Back-To-School College Funding Workshop – I’ll give you some great tools…

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