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Archive for August 2012

College Planning for the High School Freshman

Today, a record 20 million are expected to attend college this fall – that’s 70% of all high school graduates. This means that for students aspiring to attend elite colleges, competition is higher than ever. Ambitious high school students know how to prepare during their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Unfortunately, however, most seem to…

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Help for the Not So Needy

The New York Times recently highlighted how middle-income families are having trouble affording hefty college costs. Here’s what they wrote: Middle-income parents are being squeezed more than ever these days — higher property taxes and cost of living, lower home equity, frozen salaries. Many no longer have enough savings and borrowing power to keep up…

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All About Federal Perkins Loans

In the last couple of posts we have discussed different types of student loans, including Stafford Loans and Federal PLUS Loans, which leads us to Federal Perkins Loans. Federal Perkins Loans are low-interest loans (5% for the 2012-2013 school year) for both undergraduate and graduate/professional students with high financial need. It is available through government…

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PLUS Loans – The Ins and Outs of Being a Borrower

Last week we discussed the details of Stafford Loans, so this week we’ll go over the ins and outs of PLUS loans. What Are They? PLUS loans are one of many forms of federal financial aid that is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. They are made available to the parents of dependent undergraduate…

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The Skinny on Stafford Loans: Subsidized & Unsubsidized

When going to college, financial aid can be a scary and intimidating process. With unfamiliar terms and long lengthy processes, applying for and accepting student loans can make the transition to college a bit complicated. Traditionally, there are two common forms of federal student loans that are made available to undergraduate students; subsidized and unsubsidized…

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