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Archive for July 2012

News: Student Loans’ Rates Extended

Student loans add up quickly. With the average student loan debt above $25,000, it’s no wonder this has become a national issue. The good news is that earlier this month, the U.S. Congress voted to extend the interest rates of federal Stafford student loans for one year, keeping 7 million loan applicants from diving deeper…

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The True Cost of College

Everyone knows college is expensive, but did you know that colleges have been intentionally misleading you about the true cost? Many colleges hide the real cost of their education by “issuing financial aid letters that blur the distinction between grants and loans to make the school look more affordable.” The Obama administration has called for…

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July 2012: College’s True Cost & More

Greetings! Happy July! Yes, it’s summer, but your student doesn’t need to waste these precious months. There are a lot of ways they can be preparing for college – despite being out of school. Need some ideas? Check out our “Senior Scoop” for helpful suggestions! The college planning process is full of difficult questions and…

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What Does “Need-Blind” Admissions Mean?

When most students apply to college, they expect to be accepted based on their merits and not financial aid. Some schools, like Wesleyan University, are known for “need-blind” admissions, meaning they consider a student regardless of their ability to pay, in addition to offering to meet all of their financial needs. This isn’t always a…

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