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Archive for February 2012

Calculating Future College Costs

Did you know that parents of a newborn should start saving approximately $700 per month for the next 18 years in order to save enough money to pay for four years of college at a University of California (UC) school? That’s right – with college cost of attendance (COA) at a UC coming in at…

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Cal Grants: Keys to Qualification

If you are looking into ways to finance your student’s college education, Cal Grants are a great option for those who qualify. They offer up to $12,192 per year for college expenses at any qualifying California college, university, career or technical school. Best of all, unlike student loans, Cal Grants don’t need to be repaid.…

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AP Courses: How Much is Too Much?

As colleges get increasingly competitive, students find themselves taking more and more AP (Advanced Placement) classes to gain an edge. Schools can offer up to 34 courses from Art History to Statistics for students to choose from. And why not? The rigorous classes (and a high score on the year-end exams) can boost grade point…

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Will Your College Degree Pay Off?

With the job market in turmoil and college tuition skyrocketing, it’s understandable that many people are concerned about the marketability of their college degree, not to mention their earning potential. recently released a study that ranks college degrees by salary, including starting pay and mid-career pay. Not surprisingly, the top of the list is…

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