August 2014 Newsletter: 10 Things Your College Student Doesn’t Need & More

It's August! While you and your students gear up for education mode, some schools have already opened their doors. ¬†In any case, we're here to help prepare your college-bound teen for one of the most pivotal points in their life. For those of you collecting items for college, you may not realize some are unnecessary purchases. ¬†These mistakes … [Read more...]

June Newsletter 2014: Rising Student Loan Rates, The Western Undergraduate Exchange & More

It's June! Warm afternoons, days spent with your toes in the sand at the beach, tossing aside winter and spring attire for jean shorts and tank tops... Yes, summer is here! Congratulations if you have a soon to be college freshmen. This summer will be a critical time to create your detailed college funding plan for the next four years.¬† For … [Read more...]

April 2014 Newsletter: College Meal Plans, FAFSA Confusion & More

It's April! If you're the parent of a senior, your soon-to-be college student has received acceptance and award letters.¬† They will be making their tough final college choice this month. A not-so-tough, but important, next decision will be the sifting through the options for college meal plans.¬† This month's¬†Senior Scoop¬†describes a general … [Read more...]

The 5th Annual Dare 2B Digital Conference for Young Women in Silicon Valley

In only a few short weeks the 2014 Dare 2B Digital Conference will commence. Its purpose is to give young women from 7th ‚Äď 10th grade a taste of the widespread permeation of computer technology in our world today.¬† They‚Äôll go over the basics of obtaining a future degree in computer science or electrical engineering. Featured in the event … [Read more...]

February Newsletter 2014: Writing Contest, Merit Aid Restrictions, Senior Checklist & More

It's February! You may think it's too early to file your tax returns, but if you have a senior, there are reasons to take action as soon as possible. If you complete your income tax return and update your FAFSA before colleges send out award letters in March, you can expect a more accurate financial aid award offer from your colleges.¬† That way … [Read more...]