The Gravity of the CSS Profile: Why You Should Apply

Seniors: Get ready to complete the CSS Profile! While not as commonly used as the FAFSA, for those colleges that do use it, completing the CSS Profile boosts your qualification for more financial aid, and who doesn't want some extra money toward their college fund? You may not realize it, but the CSS Profile is required by over 300 colleges. … [Read more...]

Financial Aid Calculators: One You’ve Heard About, Two You May Not Have

Seniors: As you search for necessary information required for the FAFSA, you most likely have ran into the idea of financial aid calculators, but what are they and how do they work? Generally speaking, there are three calculators¬†that colleges use: the FAFSA, Profile and Consensus, all of which abide by a set of rules: Your family's income … [Read more...]

August 2014 Newsletter: 10 Things Your College Student Doesn’t Need & More

It's August! While you and your students gear up for education mode, some schools have already opened their doors. ¬†In any case, we're here to help prepare your college-bound teen for one of the most pivotal points in their life. For those of you collecting items for college, you may not realize some are unnecessary purchases. ¬†These mistakes … [Read more...]

Early Action: Is It Your Gateway to Merit Aid?

Lazy summer days will soon linger behind us, and it's especially difficult to push away the insistent demon of procrastination, whispering in your ear, "You have months to apply for college and the school year hasn't even begun. Why start worrying about it now?"¬† You may want to flick the little pest away and remind yourself that preparing for … [Read more...]

How to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Break

Soon-to-be Seniors (and Juniors): We're smack dab in the middle of summer, and now that you've soaked up some sun and clocked in plenty of R&R, it's time to maximize your free time to its fullest. While you've been rightfully savoring your vacation days, you don't want to leave your mind rusty or completely fall behind on college planning. … [Read more...]