4 Tax-Saving Strategies for College Funding

It seems there are as many ways to save for college as there are colleges.  It pays to do some research and understand ways you can not only save for your child’s education, but also save on your yearly tax bill. Depending on how much college costs, it’s possible to use tax strategies to save as much as you spend on college tuition (particularly … [Read more...]

Where Should I be Saving for College?

Whether you have dreams of sending your newborn child to Harvard, UC Berkeley or San Diego State, you have a lot of savings ahead of you if you plan to foot part of the bill. You need to come up with a savings plan EARLY – and stick with it for many, many years. Various types of savings plans exist. In fact there are a few specific ones that … [Read more...]

Tax Advantaged College Strategies

Often times, college planning entails helping a family increase their opportunity to qualify for financial aid.  But what can be done for families who will likely NOT qualify for financial aid, given their income level and/or countable assets? Parents who are small business owners have additional college funding tools available to them that … [Read more...]

March Newsletter 2014: College Award Letters, TACS & More

It's March! We've officially dived into spring, and if you are a senior, it's decision time!  The time has arrived to weigh your college options and finalize your college funding plan. Remind your student to keep an eye out for award letters, some of which are now sent via e-mail.  As award letters come flooding in, your student needs to … [Read more...]

College Related Tax Strategies to Consider Going Into 2012

As 2011 draws to a close, it’s time to make decisions about tax strategies going into the New Year. If you have students in college and have paid tuition in 2011 for 2012 classes, you can choose whether to take a deduction or tax credit on your 2011 or 2012 returns. Be aware, however, that the Tuition and Fees deduction currently allowed for up to … [Read more...]