Be the “Starving Student” No More: 5 Money-Saving Tips

Cupcake - Money Saving TipsWith the massive expenses tied to college attendance, it’s no wonder the “starving student” stereotype remains prevalent.  For any student, stashing away an extra $20 per week or even cutting down needed expenses dime for dime is a crucial factor in surviving today’s high-cost environment.

Use these tips to help ease the financial pressure from day to day:

    1. Stash away your credit card.
      Hide your credit card in a drawer. Without it taunting you as you purchase items, you’ll avoid racking up your credit debt past a reasonable amount.  Out of sight, out of mind!


    1. Buy online, not in store.
      Websites often offer free shipping with minimum purchase or through a program, the most well-known being Amazon Prime. Thankfully, if a family member already purchased Prime, they can add you via their account to also receive the benefits of Prime, including free shipping on a great deal of products and Amazon Instant Video.  An added bonus: They provide e-textbooks for significantly cheaper than hard copies.


    1. Use a home coffee brewer.
      Big coffee chains like Starbucks (and even smaller outfits) unforgivingly charge obscene amounts for their coffee, anywhere from $5-7 a cup.  That alone could potentially save you $90 a month!


    1. Find and take advantage of coupons.
      Coupons can be a saving grace. With the beauty of the internet, coupons are everywhere, you just need to uncover them!


  1. Opt out of high-cost TV service: Watch online!
    Want to stay on top of your favorite shows, but cringe at the idea of paying over $100 a month for cable? Networks are continually going digital, so chances are, they upload new episodes online on a weekly (or even daily) basis.

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Photo Credit: Earle Hatsumy

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