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7 Tips to Unraveling Financial Award Letters

Award letters are notoriously complex. ¬†They're riddled with finance terms and non-standard¬†abbreviations. ¬†You're left thinking, "So what do I REALLY owe?" It's with good reason, but the process becomes far less convoluted when you break down the individual pieces. Master the¬†formula.¬† As you sift through these award letters, it‚Äôs important … [Read more...]

February 2017 Newsletter: How Do Income and Assets Impact Aid?

February¬†2017 Newsletter College Prices Hit New Record Highs in 2016! It's already February! 2017 is a new year, with new rules for college financial aid application deadlines and awards. Many colleges' financial aid deadlines are earlier than previous years! If you have a High School senior, and you have not yet submitted the … [Read more...]